Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday PM - Boys in the Snow

G.D. fucking winter is here and looks like it's here for a while. So let's make the best of it . . .

The Gayest Olympics Ever?

The Sochi Olympics are destined to be the gayest ever because the IOC, enabling the Putin regime, has royally fucking pissed people off. But what you may not know is that Putin's Olympic planning team has actually created special rooms for male intimacy. We just didn't get Russian humor!

Men’s twin toilets at Sochi Olympics – 28,000 roubles.
Olympic media center – 1.5bn roubles.
Global embarrassment – priceless.

The mayor of Sochi says there are no gay people in his town. Which sounds like a cover story for a closet queen . . .

There are gay people in Sochi, of course, like anywhere on earth. But apparently, they think they're starring in a remake of La Cage aux Folles . . .and one of them looks a lot like the Mayor of Sochi!

And don't forget the scandalous Two-Man Luge!!! Obviously, there's such a thing as team mates being too close . . .