Monday, October 30, 2017

Hot Shot of the Evening

One of my all time favorites. Dude's name is BJ Rens. The pics in the link below are younger shots and either his chest hair hasn't come in yet or it was shaved. But now . . .

We're close to 10 million -- that's 10 MILLION -- hits. We (Scooter and me) can hardly believe it. We started out just for fun, built it up, changed some things here and there, and stuck to our desire to show natural guys, non-shaved down, non-trimmed, non-buffed. But you can't always have everything and it's honest-to-god challenging to find healthy, decent looking guys who are all natural. That can be naturally hairy or naturally not very hairy. But let's bring an end to the clone era when bodies look the same because their individual uniqueness has been shaved away. Fuck Norelco!

So I think this is a good time for a sabbatical, a break for a few months, when we reach 10 MIL. It's getting to be my busiest season and it does take some time and dedication to keep things looking good and interesting. I enjoy it, it's real fun, and I'll come back to it in 2018.

Rocky Morning Pic of the Day