Monday, August 26, 2019

Homoeroticism in Sports

From Canadian hockey, to American football, soccer, wrestling, and rugby—you can just Google the keywords “homoerotic sports,” and you will find many images ranging from fluff to sexual. You can see a man giving another man a big kiss,  anda man getting straddled by another man as if they were demonstrating sexual positions. There are thousands of results, which are actually safe for work, including images, moving images (GIFs), and video clips of male athletes doing seemingly intimate or sexual actions...

Homoeroticism is especially highlighted when you see their well-defined bodies, or you see their junk ending up on their opponent’s butt and face. Watching these sports can be sexually arousing but more often than not, it’s also a way to appreciate and admire the male body. Seeing a man subtly kissing a man or slapping their butt—with such actions not being subjected to homophobic remarks or disgust—is refreshing to see for men who love men, considering how rampant homophobia is in the world of male sports.

Natural is hot, shaved armpits are not