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The Red Sox. Jed Lowrie/Jacoby Ellsbury. Friends.

Title: Friends.
Fandom: The Red Sox.
Characters: Jed Lowrie/Jacoby Ellsbury.
Rating: R
Summary: A little alcohol lets Jacoby go where he's never been able to before, and Jed kinda likes it.
Author's Notes: Don't own. Never happened. No profit. Just for fun.

Jed Lowrie was drunk. Really drunk.

And, to him, Jacoby Ellsbury was looking good. Really good.

Jed finished another beer and looked over at Jacoby, his friend, his roommate, his teammate. Jacoby was half way through what must have been his fourth beer; he was showing it, too, in the way he was giggling at something Sean Casey had said next to him.

Jed couldn’t quite figure out if it was the beer in him or not, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the outfielder. His hair almost shone in the dim bar light; it was the same light that cast shadows under the line of his chin, giving him a more angular, chiseled face. Jed gulped hard and contemplated ordering another beer.

He raised his hand and the bartender indulged him. He had just taken a sip when Jacoby spun around in his chair and planted his left hand square on Jed’s back. He sputtered, almost spitting out his drink, and coughed a few times.

“Sorry,” Jacoby said, “I didn’t know you were drinking.” He giggled drunkenly at his own little pun and finished his own drink.

“It’s ok,” Jed slurred back, “Nothing to tell Tito about.” He giggled and Jacoby almost spit out his own drink. To sober ears, it was nowhere near funny, or even amusing. But, to the two Oregonians, it was the funniest thing they had said all night. By now they had collectively knocked back around a dozen beers and were fighting to stay on their barstools. Jacoby calmed his laughing slightly and turned back to Sean Casey, who had once again gotten his attention with one of his famous stories.

Jed didn't bother trying to listen in, and rather continued to peer at Jacoby out of the corner of his eye, watching his drunken mannerisms and his moving muscles. With every sip of beer that made its way down Jed's throat, he started convincing himself more and more that he could make a move on his old friend. However, each time that he thought he could, he realized that a crowded Boston bar, sitting between Sean Casey and Dustin Pedroia, was not the proper place to do it. He didn't have to fight with his emotions and hormones much longer, though, because before Jed could finish his beer, Jacoby spun himself around on the barstool once more.

“I think we should head back to the room,” Jacoby said into Jed’s ear. Jed tensed up slightly at the sudden closeness of Jacoby and gulped again. "It's getting late, and I'm getting broke." Jacoby laughed and managed to lean in closer to Jed than he was before.

“Ok,” he said and pushed his stool back from the bar. They waved at the scattered members of the team still in the bar and stepped out into the cool summer night. Jacoby raised a wiggly arm up to the night sky and a yellow cab stopped at his command. Jed managed to open the door and they piled in, giving the driver the address of their hotel room.

“You were great tonight,” Jacoby slurred into Jed’s ear, placing his hand next to Jed’s leg for stability. His fingers lightly danced at Jed’s leg, sending microscopic shivers through his nerves.

“Thanks,” Jed said back. He was inches from Jacoby’s face, and their hands were within holding distance. He could have very easily leaned in and placed one long kiss on Jacoby’s full lips. However, he was smart enough to know that they were in the backseat of a Boston cab, and locking lips with the Red Sox outfielder and resident hunk was one of the last things he should be doing.

They managed to make it to the hotel without any more physical temptations. They piled out of the cab, Jed stuffed a twenty dollar bill in the driver's hand, and they stumbled inside. As they passed the desk, giggling in all their drunken glory, the receptionist hissed over her book.
"Sorry," Jed managed to giggle before turning to "shh" Jacoby. They giggled some more as they piled into the elevator. Jacoby pushed the 9 button and the doors shut. Jed continued to be knee-deep in his fit of giggles and leaned into Jacoby, letting his mouth fly open in a body-quivering laugh. Jacoby indulged himself in an equally hearty laugh, and Jed looked up in his direction.

He thought Jacoby looked so beautiful when he smiled; maybe it was the beer talking again, or maybe it was his common sense. He knew Jacoby was the looks of the team. Everyone knew that. So, maybe his brain was finally taking advantage of this fact, or maybe he was just blisteringly drunk.

Or, perhaps, he was actually falling for his long time friend. They were always close, even back when they played on the same road team. But were they close enough that Jed wanted to kiss him, possibly run his hands through his dark Navajo hair? He wasn't sure.

Once again, his thoughts were interrupted in a fit of irony. Jacoby's laughter simmered down and he met eyes with Jed. They stared for a few seconds before Jacoby slightly rearranged himself. He tipped his head down and lightly cleared his throat. He lifted his hand and placed it on Jed's shoulder. His thumb lightly rubbed the angle where his neck began, and before Jed knew what was happening, those full lips he was admiring earlier were on top of his.

He willed his eyes to close; not only was it rude, but he couldn't see anything anyway; Jacoby's forehead was one big blur this close. Jacoby pulled away, though, when they heard the ding of the elevator. The doors opened as the 9 above it became illuminated. Jed had to force his mouth closed; goldfish was not an attractive look on anyone. Although, as he looked to where his lips had just called home temporarily, he thought that goldfish wouldn't be too bad of a look on Jacoby. I bet anything would look good on Jacoby he thought to himself.

"You coming?" Jacoby asked from the door of the elevator. He had one hand on the frame so that the doors wouldn't close with Jed still inside.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," he said and giggled. Jacoby smirked at him and waited for Jed to catch up. Jacoby looked down at his room key, engraved with the number 905. They walked side by side down the hallway to their room; luckily it was only a short walk. Jed was trying to figure out what just happened, and he didn't want it to take up too much awkward silence. He wasn't complaining about his moment of physical connection with the Sox's speed demon, but he was still confused. Had Jacoby always been like this, or was he just drunk? And, if he had always been like this, does this mean that he had been with other guys on the team? As Jacoby slipped his key into the door, Jed stared at those hands, wondering who they might have ran themselves over.

He wondered if Jacoby had ever found himself tossing in the sheets with Lester, but considering his recent engagement found it hard to believe. He couldn't see Jacoby with Clay, either; he just didn't seem to be his type. But for some reason, Jed thought to himself that maybe Jacoby's seeming innocence was just a front that quickly deteriorated when he was with Josh; if he was with Josh. Jed knew all about the Texan's unbridled passion; perhaps Jacoby had been on the receiving end of that passion.

He suddenly stopped thinking; Jed had surprised himself by thinking of Jacoby this way, but he surprised himself even more when his cock acted accordingly to his thoughts. He looked up from the floor to Jacoby standing in the open doorway. He was smirking and looking slightly mischievous. Jed smiled back at him. Jacoby's eyes narrowed at the infielder and continued to smirk. He was looking right through Jed, although his reddening eyes deceived him.

"Come inside and take your clothes off," Jacoby said without a change in emotion. At first, Jed thought that maybe it was a drunken joke; but, when Jacoby let his mouth turn into an evil grin, he knew it was far from a joke. Jed gulped hard and walked into the room. Jacoby peered out of the door, looked both ways, and shut the door before planting a firm hand on Jed's ass. Jed groaned something crossed between pleasure and pain, and heard Jacoby chuckle behind him.

Before Jed began undoing the buckle in his pants, standing in the middle of the hotel bedroom, he thought for a moment. He thought that he had been doing a lot of thinking tonight. He thought that he was about to get naked with Jacoby. He thought that somewhere deep in his brain he had been waiting a long time for this. And, just before his pants hit the floor, he thought that he would probably enjoy it.


Jed let his pants hit the hotel bedroom floor with a plop. He looked up from their landing place to find Jacoby standing in the doorway, leaning on the frame. He was looking over Jed, like he was eyeing his prey. He licked his lips slightly as his eyes drifted over Jed’s frame. Jed stopped moving and watched Jacoby from the doorway.

“Don’t let me stop you,” Jacoby said and smirked. Jed tried to smile back as he unbuttoned his shirt. He still was trying to figure out what was going on; but with the way Jacoby was looking at him, an unsatisfied hunger in his eyes, Jed couldn’t tell him no. Plus, did he even want to tell him no?

He let his shirt slide off his arms and flutter to the floor. He was now standing in the middle of the room, illuminated lightly by the bedside lamp, as Jacoby walked over to him. He placed his hand on the back of Jed’s head. His long fingers intertwined in Jed’s light hair as they locked eyes. Jed swallowed hard and searched Jacoby’s face.

Jacoby was serious about this, as Jed gathered from the way his bloodshot eyes bore a hole into Jed’s soul. Jacoby was intent on something happening, although Jed wasn’t sure what. He was distracted, though, by Jacoby’s long, fluttery lashes and his freckle that accented his eye so perfectly.

He didn’t have much time for observation, though, because Jacoby was soon locking lips with him again. Rather than tapping into his intellectual brain this time, wondering if Jacoby really meant it, if he was drunk, and so on, Jed just melted into it. He put his hands on Jacoby’s hips and let his fingers massage his soft, yet muscular, skin. Jacoby took his other hand and placed it on Jed’s back, pushing them together.

Jacoby took a drunken initiative on Jed’s mouth. He slipped apart for a few seconds to nibble at Jed’s bottom lip, allowing a soft sigh to escape the infielder’s mouth. He began drunkenly grabbing at Jacoby’s shirt, trying to get hungrily at open skin. He took the hint and disconnected their mouth only long enough to slip his shirt off quickly over his head. He tossed it behind Jed, allowing it to land gracefully next to Jed’s own shirt.

By now, Jed had forgotten about his earlier reservations. No longer was he contemplating Jacoby’s motivations; whether it was because he was just overtaken by a now shirtless, softly illuminated Jacoby or from the mass amounts of alcohol that had now hit his bloodstream, he didn’t care.

He ran his hand along the perfectly chisled abs before him, resting again on his hips. Jacoby smirked, moved closer again, and regained placement on Jed’s mouth. Jed opened his mouth slightly and Jacoby instantly slipped his tongue inside. Jed felt his knees go slightly weak; his calf rubbed up against the bed skirt and he leaned against it slightly. Jacoby sensed this change in placement and disconnected. He looked Jed over before placing his hands on his chest and lightly puched him back on the bed. Jed bounced slightly, landing with his knees bent and legs at a V. Jacoby looked down at Jed, voulnerable yet pleading, and smirked again.

“The boxers,” Jacoby nodded in their direction. “Off. And the shirt, too.” Jed quickly complied; or, as quickly as he could in his drunken state. Meanwhile, Jacoby was busy taking off his own pants and boxers, throwing them in the corner of the room. When Jed looked up from throwing his clothes next to his previously discarded pants, Jacoby was standing in front of him, naked and perfectly illuminated. He smirked at Jed, and for the first time that night Jed smirked back.

Jacoby put a hand on Jed’s knee and moved him closer to the pillows on the bed. Jacoby clambered on with him, but not before drunkenly temporarily losing his balance and almost falling on top of Jed. Jacoby situated Jed; he somewhat delicately slid Jed’s hips up to the head of the bed and ran his hands down his legs as he moved them open and bent his knees.

Jed stared down at Jacoby, kneeling between his ankles, and instinctively licked his lips. He ran his eyes over the tanned body in front of him, pausing briefly at the erection that had made itself known. For a second, and only a second, Jed sobered up and wondered if he was doing the right thing. Although he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, he wondered what would happen if he did. Did she have to know? What if this happened again? What was Jacoby going to say in the morning? Would the team know? What if they found out? They certainly didn’t do things like this in the minors.

Jacoby seemed to have sensed the worry in his friend because he began gently rubbing one of Jed’s bent knees. He looked into Jed’s wide eyes, but this time void of all hunger Jed had sensed earlier.

“Hey, don’t worry man,” he half-slurred. “If you don’t want to do this, just say so.” Jed sighed lightly, but was interrupted by his own sharp sudden intake of breath; Jacoby had suddenly slid his hand up to Jed’s thigh, and began kneading the skin.

“But I must tell you, you’re going to certainly miss out.” Jacoby smirked and the hunger returned to his eyes. Jed gulped, but it was not out of fear or apprehension; this time, it was out of need and want. At that moment, whether it was from his blood alcohol level or he really meant it, he wanted Jacoby. He didn’t know what the lefty had in store for him, what his little Navajo head was planning, but he wanted it.

As if to answer his silent need, Jacoby scooted himself up closer to Jed. Kneeling, he placed one hand on each of Jed’s thighs, letting his thumbs rub at the soft, pale flesh. He gave one final look into Jed’s still wide eyes before opening his mouth and letting Jed’s already hardening cock slip inside.

Jed couldn’t hold back his initial moan of surprise; then, after the first stroke of Jacoby’s soft tongue on skin, it became a moan of pleasure. Jed lifted one hand and placed it on the back of Jacoby’s head. His hand grasped at the short black hair in desperation. He had needed Jacoby’s mouth around him, whether he knew it or not, and it was all being released now.

Jacoby worked his mouth over Jed, feeling him harden with each stroke. He leaned into Jed and felt his own hardening cock rub against the bed sheets. The sudden friction made him moan, and with Jed still in his mouth, the vibration travelled up and tingled every one of Jed’s nerves. Jacoby managed to rub himself against the sheets again, and this time removed one of his hands from Jed’s thigh and reached down. With one long tanned hand, he grasped his hardening cock and moved his hand up and down with his own motions on Jed.

Jed creaked open one eye, previously clamped shut, and peered down. He got an eyeful of Jacoby’s chisled jaw open wide, taking him in, running his tongue along the length of Jed’s completely hard cock. A little further down he was able to see Jacoby handling himself, and moaning from it. Jed could barely contain himself, and his emotions.

His toes curled and the balls of his feet dug into the sheets. He moaned out loud, slightly startled by the sound he made, but grapsed at the back of Jacoby’s hair nonetheless. Jacoby could sense his need, his want, and quickened his pace. His tongue ran down to the tip and he removed his mouth. Jed caught himself wimpering at the sudden loss of contact, but was soon cut off. Jacoby did indeed reach his head back down, but this time nibbled at the skin just below Jed’s tip.

Jed bucked his hips upward and called Jacoby’s name. He was close, and all he wanted was Jacoby’s mouth around him again. As if Jacoby could read his old friend’s thoughts, he opened his mouth back up and took in Jed once more. He continued to stroke himself, but was distracted for a moment.

He looked to his left and right, mostly out of the corner of his eye. On either side of him, Jed’s knees were slowly moving closer, then apart again. He was repeating this slow, fluid motion over and over, while moaning wordlessly. Wow, I thought he only did that at bat, Jacoby thought.

Within another minute, Jed cried out and came into Jacoby’s mouth. The sound of Jed’s almost animalistic cry made Jacoby come into his own hand and onto the sheets. Jed slowly, and tiredly, opened his eyes to find Jacoby quivering slightly between his legs. He had by now removed his mouth, and his hand.

Jacoby flopped himself backwards and sat with his feet next to Jed’s. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes. Jed couldn’t help but stare at his friend, naked and glistening with sweat, his chest heaving and slightly quivering. Jed slipped off the bed and managed to half-drunkenly and half still in post-blow ecstasy make his way to the bathroom. He grabbed two towels and walked back to the bed.

Jacoby had moved and was now on his side in the bed. He was facing Jed when he walked back in, but his eyes were delicately closed; his chest was also still heaving, but he was no longer slightly shaking. Jed rubbed his chest off with his towel and tossed the other on the bed. It landed within inches of Jacoby’s chest, and his eyes fluttered open. He smiled at Jed.

Jed crawled into bed next to Jacoby, who reached out one arm and pulled him close. They lied like that for a few minuted before Jacoby broke the silence.

“You ok buddy?” Jacoby asked. He could tell Jed wasn’t feeling like the usual Jed, and he was right. Jed was trying to enjoy his current state, but he couldn’t help but try to analyze what had happened. In fact, he was probably overanalyzing.

He had thoroughly enjoyed what just happened; there was no doubt about that. However, he couldn’t figure out why. Well, he wasn’t an idiot; he knew physically why he had just enjoyed it. It was whether or not he was blisteringly drunk, causing him to succumb to Jaocby’s temptations, and mouth, or if he had actually all along wanted Jacoby like this. They were friend, of course, but were they more? Did this mean they were gay? What if the team found out? What if Jacoby’s girlfriend found out? What if Jed’s mom found out?

Jacoby snapped Jed out of his panic. He smoothed down the infielder’s hair and cooed into his ear. Despite his level of drunkenness he had achieved, he was still able to play mom to Jed and calm him down. Jed looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I think so,” Jed finally answered. Jacoby frowned; he knew Jed was lying.

“Look,” he said, “This, the thing we just did, doesn’t have to mean anything. In fact, it would be better if it didn’t. Sometimes, when we’re away from the girlfriends too long, we get lonely. Sometimes that lonliness gets transferred into random female fans. Then, sometimes, it gets transferred onto teammates.” Jed’s eyes widened even more as he looked at Jacoby.

“But, it’s not that easy,” he continued. “Beckett is a dominating master, unless you’re Jon. Then he has a tender side. Jon likes to experiment with things, and Clay is a straightforward fuck.” Jed finally spoke.

“So you guys get lonely on long trips and you just –”

“No,” Jacoby interrupted. “Like I said, it’s not that easy. Look, for now, if you’re ok with all this, just stick to me.” Jacoby smiled at Jed, who then rested his head against Jacoby’s chest. Jacoby leaned his own head down and put his chin on Jed. He nuzzled Jed’s soft hair and returned his chin to where it was.

“Jacoby?” Jed asked after a minute or so.


“Still friends? Like old times?”

“Of course. neh-hecho-da-ne.. Friends. Always.” Jed wrapped his arms around Jacoby. For the first time that night, he was actually sure of something. No matter what happened in the bedroom between them, they would always be friends. And, maybe it was still the alcohol talking, he was looking forward to whatever might happen.

# # #

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All the extras lately are to say a big THANK YOU for your interest. Comments like this make it worthwhile --

"Thanks for a blog that has pics of guys with hair.  I just came across your blog after spending years looking at hairless guys.  I am little hairy myself, and I often felt . . . well, out of touch with what appeared to be the norm.  I tried the shaving (chest, pubes, dick, butthole) once and after spending a really long time doing it, I came to the realization that it definitely wasn't for me.  So again, thanks . . . it is great to see that there are other guys are there who still enjoy looking at a hairy bush."

Like the motto says: NATURAL IS HOT, SHAVED IS NOT!

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Tommy Bear Fuz

Some of u asked about this dude . . . guess what, he has his own blog . . .

Vid of the Evening

Joe bein funny but maybe a little more incoherent than usual . . .

Actor of the Afternoon - Jeremy Sumpter is Grown

Actor of the Morning - James Marsden

Jimmy Marsden was in a bunch of tv crap then hot in movies like Disturbing Behavior, Gossip, X-Men, a continuing role on Ally McBeal where he sang, played bi in Heights where he kissed Jesse Bradford, gay in The 24th Day where he hooked up with Scott Speedman, X-Men again, the awful Superman Returns, tie with Zac Efron for prettiest thing on the screen in Hairspray, Prince Charming in Enchanted, the guy who tolerated all those bridesmaid dresses in 27 Dresses, other movie crap, in a hot tub on Modern Family, up to a continuing role on 30 Rock.