Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Elsewhere in Nature Pic of the Day

BTW, don't say it often enough, thanks to all the buddies who follow this little blog me & Scooter kicked off so long ago. Glad you come!  ;-)


JiEL said...


I'd go skinny dip with this gorgeous man anytime...

What a awesome back side view.

It's quite accurate because we're having an exceptional HEAT wave in Montreal.
HOT and HUMID weather for many days now...

Summer is still there and I just love it.
I can go naked in my home..

Best regards from «hairless» JiEL

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't dream of starting my day anywhere else. Thanks for all the insight and pics you share, especially of Dylan O'Brien, a favorite of mine too. Your tumbler is fantastic; I never miss it.
Dennis in Houston