Friday, September 11, 2015

Jack Donnelly

Sometimes it takes a while for goods to get across the pond. Just finished binge-watching the two seasons of BBC America's Atlantis. The major attraction is the guy who plays Jason, Jack Donnelly. I'd never seen him before and knew nothing about him. Here's some info . . .

      "Jack was born 1986 is known for his roles in House of Anubis, Threesome and Misfits. More recently, the British hunk has been setting hearts racing in the BBC drama, Atlantis, where he plays the hero Jason.

      "Donnelly has stripped off for a revealing shoot and interview in the Attitude Sex issue!

      "Jack says that his “ripped brothers” keep his ego in check as his career takes off.

      “My youngest brother is a model and my other brothers are ripped, so if you’re not even a heartthrob in your own family then you can hardly put it out there – I’m not even the hottest one at home!” he laughs. “They keep me in check. They level my ego out massively. But, you know, I’ll take what I can get!”

And from that Attitude Sex photo shoot . . .

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