Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hot Shot of the Evening

Part of the fun doing this blog has been seeing how many other blogs pick up from "All Natural & More" like the one above. With a few exceptions everybody does the same thing and I take it as a compliment. Only thing I don't like is when some chump puts his name on something I've edited, enhanced, etc. Tell you a secret: I put little labels in a couple of places on each shot. They only show up when really enlarged but I can always find 'em and it makes me smile. So if/when you see something you like and want to copy it onto your blog, go for it. Just don't be a chump!   ;-)

I'll be posting when I can.


whkattk said...

Shoot, I rarely remember where I've lifted a photo. But, from now on I'll mark it and label it as such when I save one of yours.

SteveXS said...

Hey, didn't mean to come off snarky. No need to label anything you find here, happy to share. Just letting folks know I can always tell when it's one I've worked on. Happy hunting!

joel said...

From a different world, but - sometimes being just a nerd who visits lots of strange pages - i like the attitude of this blog: well, sex is part of our lives, and there really is a rainbow of human sexuality although conservatives don't accept it (some people have declared them, for instance, graysexual). Therefore I like this lightminded humour, playfulness and good- (or wealthy)natured attitude of this blog.