Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Policemen Marry in Spain


The first National Police gay wedding

National Policemen Chema and Jonathan married on Saturday in the Andalucía Royal Equestrian School in Jerez de la Frontera

Sep 7, 2015 - 2:31:52 PM

After five years of relationship, Chema from Jerez and Jonathan from Algeciras, were in their best gala uniform and became the first National Police couple to say ‘I do’.

Chema and Jonathan

‘We are not the first gays in this institution, we have many friends who we known in the force’ said Chema, in an interview granted to Canal Sur Radio, and he hoped their marriage would be another step towards normalisation.

It’s ten year since gay marriage became legal in Spain and although the couple wanted to keep their wedding an intimate and family affair, the social networks got hold of the story including the digital newspaper La Voz del Sur. ‘We didn’t want photos of our gala because we are not exhibitionists’, said Chema who added there should not be any difference between our wedding and for any other couple.

Chema took an optimistic stance and said if the publicity of our wedding does a bit to stop bullying in schools over sexual gender so much the better, and coming out depends on the individual. ‘We have nothing to hide about our profession’.


Chema explained he got to know Jonathan at a bad time, after the end of another relationship, ‘and from then we started a relationship which has become a marriage, and now we look forward to our golden anniversary’.

The couple said they would consider remarrying in Church if that ever became possible, but it was Chema who is the believer and takes an active part in the Holy Week celebrations, while Jonathan is a confirmed agnostic.

Neither did they rule out adopting a child; ‘We would have to be very aware of doing so’, said Chema. ‘Gay parents are often more stigmatised, but if you think deeply about it, gay parents often adopt the children whose parents have abandoned them.’

Their honeymoon will be journey across the United States from Seattle to San Diego. 

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