Sunday, March 21, 2021

Late Sunday Afternoon


Tyler Hoechlin is incredibly hot but that's not the
face I have when on the receiving end of a b.j.  ;-)

Tom Holland showing us how it's done.
(Movie "Cherry" 2021)


Unknown said...

Did you know, they made him shave his chest in Teen Wolf--which I'm pretty sure is where your picture is from. I have two pix that show above the neckline on shirts he's wearing. I have a bunch of others of him, too. Want them? If so, send me a note at

whkattk said...

Maybe he's trying to hold off.... :-)

SteveXS said...

Hi Unknown, yep, from a "Teen Wolf" episode where Derek was being tortured by electrodes. But it lent itself to a (weak) joke. His natural self is much hotter IMO. And thanks for the offer. I've been quite a few and will be in touch if I can find time to publish more.