Saturday, August 13, 2022



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Gianluca Conte (born: January 11, 2000), better known online as itsQCP or simply QCP, is an American YouTuber and TikToker who is best known for the comedic culinary shorts series Angry New Jersey Cooking Show, QCP's most well known series. It stars him as an exaggerated Italian-American character known as The Pasta Guy. As The Pasta Guy he aggressively prepares an Italian dish (usually pasta hence the character's name). Other dishes he has made include risotto, pizza, and tiramisu. When he started the series he initially wore a white tank top as his character's getup. He would later switch to being shirtless with an apron. He would talk in a stereotypical Italian-American accent and used gestures and body language to help elevate the comedy. At the end of his videos he would break character to give an honest review of the dish.

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