Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Fable — Chapter 4

Their adventures had barely begun when school was over and they had the whole summer ahead.

Seemed like every day after chores were done, Bubba and Scooter would find something they just had to check out together. Whether it was scouting a new trail in the woods or hanging out on top of their favorite waterfall, they always found ways to show how much each would do for the other.

Yeah, girls had the BFF thing but they knew that was silly bullshit. They literally became blood brothers after a particularly foolish challenge: rolling down a steep hill through blackberry bushes. The bushes were full of sweet delicious fruit protected by slashing thorns. It being a hot day, they wanted those blackberries and got it into their heads that the speed and weight of their bodies would force the bushes over real fast and all they’d have to do would be pick up the berries.

They were both covered with little slashes by the time gravity got them to the bottom where they ruefully looked back to the top, looked at each other, and shook their heads as if to say, “Man, were we fuckin’ stupid!”

Even with the hundred minor wounds, they started laughing and couldn’t resist wrestling like they did at least once a day, smearing small flecks of blood over their bodies, mingling with the sweat and dirt. It was a perfect boy afternoon.


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