Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is it about jocks?

Are jocks necessarily dumb and obnoxiously aggressive? The stereotype finds lots of illustrations at Bad Jocks Blog. We’ve all heard (if not seen) examples like this one:

The hazing, alleged to include older players sodomizing younger ones with a broom handle, happened at an out-of-town camp. . . When the hearing began, the boys on the team who say they were assaulted by the six, gave emotional testimony as they described what they said happened to them. The first witness, a sophomore, claimed the first attack started when he and a junior taunted each other through a cabin wall. Other witnesses called it trash talk over girlfriends. The sophomore said four defendants came after him, and witnesses said they tried and failed to prevent the attack on led by defendant [Name Deleted]. "He went back outside for a minute, and then he went back in," the sophomore witness testified. "He was holding a broomstick, and [Name Deleted] held him down in the top bunk. "That's when they assaulted him."

So is it the hint of danger? That even the nicest looking guy could explode because of all that pent up energy? Would we all like to express our inner bad boy from time to time? Maybe. But it’s also true that jocks draw strength and "inspiration" from their teammates. Coincidentally (not), testosterone can be pretty intoxicating. And addictive, like runners need to get that high. And these dudes are making me kinda high.

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