Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frat Boys and Their Humor

Definition of a Frat Boy from a women's magazine: (Noun) Male human between the ages of 18 and believe it or not 30 who attends college primarily to keep blood alcohol content high enough that a normal person could get drunk off his breath. Usually found wearing Abercrombie & Fitch (or Hollister), puka shells and free-balling while getting drunk and acting like an ass. Most often wearing baseball caps turned backwards (not to interfere with blow jobs?). May use rufies to rape women, and finds pissing on/destroying the property of others an enjoyable past time.

Sure, there are variations, but that ain't too far off. Still, some of 'em can be kinda hot. And the situations they get themselves into. Does anybody not in a frat have any f*ckin' idea what the f*ck goes on side their alcohol soaked little brains?!?!?!?! Are they sadists, masochists, or just clowns? Like for instance. . .

Playin' at bein' gay.

Like she'd think about it. Be glad ur buddy's goin' home w/u.

Hazing ritual? Bonding exercise? Both?

Who the f*ck knows!

Playin' at bein' gay. Again.

Made 'em pass out, wrote queer-ass sh*t all over 'em, now gonna take funny pics.

Really, who the f*ck knows?

Playin' at bein' gay. Again and again and again.

Maybe this time it ain't playin'!

Yeah, just gettin' wasted. And gettin' kinda close.

Don't even wanna guess who did what to who. Or why they're both smilin'.

More phony gay sh*t.

And the last o' the banana jokes 2nite.

But my #1 favorite (because it's so true). . .

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